Reinforced Grass Paving

Reinforced Grass or Grass Protection Paving are systems used to reinforce soil for heavy loading or occasional traffic, while still allowing vegetation growth.

We have a number of different systems for various budgets and applications, all available at competitive prices. We have open structured systems which allow better vegetation but are not as strong structurally and we also have systems in the form of pavers which are stronger. Depth ranges from 45mm to 200mm depending on the grass paving system chosen. For budget and low wear and loading applications, we would offer a range of grass protection mats or our Soilcell Cellular Confinement strips. Very good vegetation is possible with this system due to the open structure. This system is manufactured from ultrasonically welded HDPE strips and is economical to purchase and very cheap to install. The next system up are our plastic Phi Grass Grid. This grass paving system is suitable for low wear and medium loading applications. For heavier duty applications, we recommend our Phi Grass Paving. Last but not least, our Turf Protecta and Grass Protecta grass protection mats offers very economical solutions for the reinforcement and protection of grass and lawns against wear and tear.

Reinforced Grass Paving should be laid on a levelled blinding layer on an optional layer of geotextile/membrane all over a compacted hardcore base.

Grass Paving can also be filled gravel for low maintenance gravel paths.

Please note that walking on reinforced grass is the same as walking on grass and as such is incompatible with stilletos.

For more information, click on the appropriate pdf download link below.

Download General Reinforced Grass Brochure (PDF, 387Kb)

Download Phi Reinforced Grass Paving Brochure (PDF, 1448Kb)

Download Phi Reinforced Grass Grid Brochure (PDF, 105Kb)

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