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For over twenty five years Phi Ireland has been at the forefront of retaining walls and structures technology in Ireland, balancing engineering demands with environmental consideration and cost considerations.

Operations in Ireland began over twenty years, with the last seventeen years in the current form of Phi (Ireland) Ltd. Phi (Ireland) Ltd. is a wholly Irish owned company.

Our experience and proven abilities, matched with an extensive range of interactive products ensures that our solutions are the best in the business. Every project is custom designed by our in house team of engineers to suit site specific and client requirements. We are proud of our reputation for consistently well designed and high quality work. The same care and attention is given to all projects whether it be a big retaining wall or a simple erosion control solution.

When you consider that we can oversee the entire scheme from concept through to installation and take care of the warranties, the benefits we bring to any project are incalculable.

Browse our range of products and services, contact us if you have problems or a specific project in mind. You won't be disappointed.

Products & Services

Phi (Ireland) Ltd. offers either a supply only, or a full design, supply and installation package for a comprehensive range of systems for soil engineering and retaining walls. All installations are carried out by our in house specialist installation crews to ensure build quality.

Phi Ireland range of systems include various solutions for retaining walls, Slope and Embankment Stabilisation, Erosion Control, Geosynthetics, Noise Barriers, Construction Waterproofing and Green Roofs. Our extensive range of solutions means that we can usually match your requirements with the best fit or most most economicaL solution.

Our large repertoire of different systems allows us to offer our clients the best possible solution and advice without being constrained by a limited range. With us you get what's best for you, rather than the only system we have to sell you.

We are constantly developing and adding new systems to our range to improve the options available to our customers. Our latest additions are the Precast MSE Reinforced Soil and the Phi Modular Block mechanically stabilised retaining wall systems.

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Phi Ireland Retaining walls
Phi Ireland Retaining Walls
Phi Ireland Retaining Walls